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The company

EA World FX is a unique connecting platform that aims to share sophisticated trading tools with individuals. EA World FX’s founders are successful entrepreneurs passionate about severals fields combined: marketing, trading, analysts, mathematicians, programming, computer-engineering experts, software and artificial intelligence technology development. Anyone can join EA World FX and begin to earn passive income by taking advantage of our algorithmic software expertise powered by artificial intelligence.

Our Vision and ambition are to become a global sharing platform for innovative trading technology that helps those who have time constraints or a lack of knowledge in market analysis.

Our Mission is to create the opportunity for financial independence through automated forex trading by constantly innovating and adapting, so that we are able to deliver sustainable and long-term results for our clients.

Our Goal is to help anyone discover secure earning opportunities in a simple and affordable way and to bring value to our world by giving everyone a chance to benefit from the forex market without any knowledge of this complex industry.

Our Values: trust and transparency are key to deliver exceptional levels of service. We take time to understand our clients, their wishes and needs and to show them our performance through verified means accessible to all.









The market

Why Forex ?

The big difference with the stock market is that you can trade up or down just as easily, which makes it possible to generate continuous profits whatever the market conditions. The forex market is a very speculative market that moves enormously according to where it is possible to generate considerable profits.


What is Forex ?

Forex, also known as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world's currencies are traded. When you trade currencies, you buy one and sell another at the same time. This is why quotes are always in pairs of two (e.g. EUR/USD or USD/CAD). The forex market is the largest, most liquid and profitable financial market in the world, with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5.3 trillion. The market is open 24/24 hours and 5/7 days.


World class products to a worldwide audience


Why us ?


  • . World class trading technology combined with artificial intelligence
  • . 100% profitable automated trading software (no trading skills needed)
  • . Safest automated trading solutions to profit from the Forex market
  • . Consistent lifetime passive income with up to 10% monthly returns
  • . Exceptional algorithms with advanced money management
  • . 3 years of backtesting and 1 year of testing in live market conditions
  • . Accessibility: you can start trading with a minimum capital of $100
  • . Real time transparent results audited by Myfxbook
  • . Manage and control your own funds (deposit and withdraw at any time, only you have access to your funds)
  • . Our expertise and strong experience in the financial industry

How to get started ?

EA License: Just purchase a one-time license for $250 that will give you access to our exclusive platform and software for life.
Performance Fee: We are passionate about making money for our customers so we developed a unique performance billing model. We don't make profits until you have made profits. We automatically charge 30% on profits generated each month.

  • Step 1:
    Purchase your lifetime license
  • Step 2:
    Open an account with our broker partner.
  • Step 3:
    Make a deposit on your trading account (minimum $100)
  • Step 4:
    Connect the robot of your choice to our trading account and let it work for you.


Our EA

Expert Advisor, also known as EA or a Robot, is an automated system that operates according to the parameters or programmes set by its developer. Once connected to your trading account, it will trade on the financial markets without any human intervention, which eliminates mistakes caused by human emotions. Our intelligent software are designed with a view to automating the trading process and making sustainable profits, with a good risk and reward ratio. Our advanced algorithms powered by artificial intelligence are constantly analyzing the market, opening and closing trades automatically with good money management, using instructions based on mathematical, statistical and specific indicators. We have developed several partnerships with different designers of expert advisors that will be available in the near future! Each robot has its own strategy and is constantly monitored, upgraded and optimized by a team of professionals traders. This ongoing optimization process is key to ensuring long term consistency. The Forex market is a very fluid and ever changing environment. This level of optimization therefore ensures that it remains at the top and that everything is operating as it should be.


    It is designed to trade EUR/USD pairs with low risk management and short-term scalping strategy. Crushtip is a highly specialist hedging and trading algorithm optimizing the win-to-loss ratio across many trades and quickly booking profits. Crushtip is designed to perform well in high-volatility markets and does not require the market to make a full correction to the original open trade entry to make a profit. It’s this unique management of trading positions that really sets the Crushtip Trading EA apart.


    Optimized to trade EUR/USD pairs and designed to achieve positive results consistently, Swatmi uses several indicators and a breakout trading strategy to predict market swings, reversals and trends. The EA opens small trades and frequent entries to take early advantage of the market with in order to generate the highest profit with the lowest risk possible. When the price moves in the wrong direction, Swatmi builds a low frequency grid of orders with a smart hedging technique to close the trades in profit. The logic automatically trades with Stop Losses and Take Profits, making the strategy very safe and efficient.


    Designed to trade multiple currency pairs, Intdai continuously analyzes the Forex market, looking for key institutional levels and high probability trading zones for trades. Intdai has a hedging protection system ensuring closing out a negative position (known as drawdown) in positive. If the market goes in the opposite direction, the AI algorithm will compound new positions with a higher leverage. When the market retraces, it completes a hedging cycle that manages a negative position back to profit without excessive risk or overtrading. In short, a profit can be made on a position that has 5 open trades with 2-3 in negative positions. The EA also has an advanced profits protection system: when the market moves in our favor, the Stop Loss moves to breakeven positions, thereby ensuring that profits are always protected.


    Designed to trade EUR/USD pairs, Coved is one of the best software powered by artificial intelligence with one of the most advanced risk management technologies. Coved uses several trading strategies and can decide which one is the best to deploy based on the current market condition. Coved has a tight Stop Loss protection system, which means that some trades can be closed in negative.


    Designed to trade EUR/USD pairs, the main mode of operation of Flushpips is based on determining the direction of the trend and trading short positions in the direction of price movement. Flushpips automatically places counter-trend orders at times of uncertainty with the direction of movement of the market price. Each individual order is provided with a Stop Loss so it might be a negative transaction and risk is set to 2.5% per trade. There is also a drawdown management mode integrated of 5% to 10%.


    Designed to trade EUR/USD pairs with an intelligent grid system, Skytrend starts its trading without identifying special entry points, a mathematical algorithm captures a part of the profit and leaves another part of the profitable positions as protection against drawdowns. Each order grid is placed with a Take Profit and Stop Loss, which are calculated using special technology. The Take Profit of each order is always unique, the adviser adjusts it to the current market situation. Skytrend uses a deposit protection module; if the drawdowns goes below 4% to 8% from initial deposit, positions are closed with a small loss. In the first weeks of trading, the robot may not bring significant profit, until the moment the insurance fund is in place (by equity).



Thanks to our trading experts, anyone has the opportunity to take advantage of each software and begin earning passive income for a lifetime.

Our highly performing software have all been backtested for 3 years using 99.9% accurate modeling data and 1 year of testing in live market conditions, which ensures that they could operate in all average and extremes market conditions.

Since they have been launched, the EAs have been making an average of 5% to 10% monthly profits.

However, we understand that past performance does not predict future returns. We hope that our incredible trading history gives you great comfort and confidence that we are fully committed to ensuring the long-term success of our products.

If you take your profits and compound them each month, then you will see exponential growth over the long run. An example of compounding based on $500 with 10% monthly ROI could make you hundreds of thousands of dollars up to millions in just 5 years! So go ahead and try it out for yourself and see just how an account of at least $100 can yield hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of years. That's not taking into consideration fueling additional funds into the account as time goes by.

For maximum security and optimal risk management, we advise you to diversify your funds in several robots.

Track records

Each software is tracked, audited and authenticated by a third-party called Myfxbook, an independent website that allows you to follow the results live, statistics and risk standards of the different trading software. This ensures that our products represent the true performance displayed.

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Partner program

Our affiliate program was created to reward our satisfied clients who want to promote our products and grow their own business with us.
Our global coverage and excellent software will offer the clients you introduce the peace of mind because they will be joining an industry-leading provider of automated trading systems.
We believe the best advertising always comes from a satisfied customer so instead of paying high amounts in traditional advertising (tv, radio, newspaper, etc.), we prefer to invest in those who trust us and who support us in this great project.
This is why we have put in place a marketing plan that pays you through your influencer marketing.